'Zhou B' Art Center – Chicago, USA, from 31.05 to 12.07.19. ‘Secondary Meanings – Figural Diptych’

MEAM Museum – Barcelona, Spain from 31.05 to 21.07. 2019. Modportrait 2018, Galeria Artelibre at the MEAM of Barcelona​

Edificio Bantierra – Zaragoza from 12.04  to 17.05.2019. Modportrait 2018

MEAM Museum – Barcelona, Spain from 8th March to 9th May 2109. ‘Painting Today’ International Women's Day


Her artistic journey began in the childhood in an art studio, continued at an art school, then the art college and the Academy of Art (Minsk, Belarus). After a period as an art director at the national film studio "Belarusfilm", she worked as a tattoo artist. In 2014 Viktoria realized that she was meant to express her creativity differently.

I really need to express my experience, my feelings. And the painting is the best language, the best way for me to do it. But I want to create the story of the image not only myself but involving the one who is looking at it.

In her paintings and drawings, Viktoria builds an emotional dialogue with a spectator. The artist creates psychological portraits, sensuous landscapes, figure studies in realistic style.

She works with large formats. Is currently based in Minsk, Belarus.