‘Portrait of time. Portrait in the Fine Arts of Belarus in the 19th – 21st Centuries’. Exhibition project at the Art-Belarus Gallery. 21.04 – 22.08.2022, Art-Belarus Gallery, Palace of Art.

‘Art Minsk 2022’, May 12 to June 12. Palace of Art – Minsk, Belarus.

MEAM exhibits its collection in the Vimcorsa Exhibition Hall in beautiful Córdoba (Spain) from 19.11.2021 until 28.02.2022

MEAM - Museu Europeu d'Art Modern in Barcelona. Figurativas 2021, from 8.10.2021 to 08.01.2022


Her artistic journey began in the childhood in an art studio, continued at an art school, then the art college and the Academy of Art (Minsk, Belarus). After a period as an art director at the national film studio "Belarusfilm", she worked as a tattoo artist. In 2014 Viktoria realized that she was meant to express her creativity differently.

In her paintings and drawings, Viktoria builds an emotional dialogue with a spectator. The artist creates psychological portraits, sensuous landscapes, figure studies in realistic style.

She works with large formats. Is currently based in Minsk, Belarus.