Savenkova Viktoria

Contemporary Figurative Artist

Short bio

The professional artist's journey began at a young age in an art studio and continued through art school and college with the highest honors, ultimately leading to a degree from the Academy of Art in 2003.

In 2014, the artist returned to painting and focused on creating large-scale psychological portraits and figure studies.


The artist's work delves into the inner world and invites the viewer to join her in exploring the 'unfinished stories' she portrays. Through her paintings, the artist presents her concept of beauty, filled with emotion, drama, and sensuality.

Artist statement

Through the works, I hope to inspire the viewers to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings and to consider the weakness and the strength of those around them.


It is a deep dive into our own inner world and the people around us and how they experience the global changes that shape our world.


Whether it's the political and social upheaval of recent years, the challenges of personal relationships and self-acceptance.


The paintings meant to evoke a sense of unease in the viewer. And to inspire conversations and reflections that can lead to better understanding and support for those who are experiencing it. I want to draw the viewer into a deeper level of contemplation or self-reflection. Ultimately, the meaning and message of the artwork will depend on the individual viewer's interpretation and response to it.

Selected events

Two portraits are part of the permanent collection of the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona (MEAM - Barcelona).


The winner of the Jury’s Prize for the Self-Portraiture in Quarantine Competition 2020 of the Barcelona Academy of Art


The Honorable Mentions for the International portrait competition ModPortrait 2020.


The portrait of Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, was published in TIME magazine in Person of the Year issue. December 2019


The Honorable Mention for the International portrait competition ModPortrait 2019 and the Artemiranda Prize

PoetsArtists Collector and Publisher’s choice award for February 2018

The finalist of

  • The 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 International Concurso ModPortrait (Spain)
  • The Lohengrin painting competition. 2020. Organized by the Wagner Club and the MEAM museum and the Liceu Opera Barcelona (Spain)
  • The 11th International Arte Laguna Prize (Italy)
  • The 13th and 14th International ARC Salon Competition (The Art Renewal Center USA) Figurative Painting & Sculpture Competition 2019 (Spain)


Published in various catalogs and publications (Time magazine 'Person of the Year issue 2019', American Art Collector, PoetsArtists, Leonardo Art Guide 2017, 2018, 11°Arte Laguna Prize, Fine Art Connoisseur)


MEAM Museum – Barcelona, Spain,  27 October 2023 until 28 July 2024, "The MEAM Hall 4"

MEAM Museum – Barcelona, Spain from 29 June 2023. The Final Exhibition of the 2022 Concurso ModPortrait

MEAM Museum – Barcelona, Spain from 21 April - 25 June 2023. Mimesis | Representational Art 2023

‘Portrait of time. Portrait in the Fine Arts of Belarus in the 19th – 21st Centuries’. Exhibition project at the Art-Belarus Gallery. 21.04 – 22.08.2022, Art-Belarus Gallery, Palace of Art.