Inner Captivity

Oil on canvas

100×150 cm

The painting titled 'Inner Captivity' is a powerful and evocative representation of the human condition. It explores themes of repression and inner turmoil through the depiction of a young woman with her eyes closed. The striking contrast between the subject's delicate and vulnerable appearance and the bold inscriptions on her neck immediately draws the viewer's attention and invites them to delve deeper into the work.


The use of color is noteworthy in this piece. The girl's skin tone and the dark, brooding background both serve to heighten the sense of suffocation and entrapment. The expressive inscriptions on the neck emphasize the weight and importance of this mirror message. The choice to place them on the subject's neck further emphasizes their expressive nature.

The woman's closed eyes suggest a sense of doubt, hopelessness, and inner struggle. Meanwhile, the inscriptions themselves serve as a haunting and poignant reminder of the limitations imposed upon her. The painting invites the viewer to consider the ways in which societal, cultural, and personal forces can restrict our ability to think, choose, and be truly free.


The artwork 'Inner Captivity' explores the themes of femininity and societal norms in-depth from a unique perspective. The artist's personal experiences and emotions are incorporated into the painting to convey a deeper understanding of these themes and messages conveyed.